Terrible political cartoons (rolling)

It’s certainly got us talking #makeuthink


The Kremlin! In An Adventure With Scientists!

Has anyone, ever, in the real life world genuinely received a “participation trophy?” I’m convinced they’re reactionary American boomers’ equivalent of Australia’s drop bears.


I’ve worked in five different schools in the past 20 years and I’ve never seen any mention of one in any context (might conceivably exist as a primary thing? )

I did once know a young economics teacher who complained about them being what was wrong with the younger generation despite a) working in a school which most definitely never used any such thing and b) being in his 20s and way too young for this boomer shit.


…that doeant sound comfy

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My daughter (in reception) had a sports day last week, and came home with a certificate celebrating her great efforts on the day, which I assume they gave to every kid.

I think society will survive tbh


I remember one Sports Day when I was at infant school where there were 4 coloured ribbons awarded depending on where you finished. Everyone got at least a green ribbon, 1st, 2nd and 3rd got either red, blue or yellow.

Baffled that anyone would be upset about the green one existing - the stakes could not possibly be lower.


Remember stuff like this from when I were a lad. You got a participation ribbon for competing on sports day regardless of where you finished. Nobody thought it was poisoning young minds with the evils of socialist thought as far as I’m aware

Again from my own experience, regardless of how much weed you smoke and lectures you blow off as long as you keep turning up and paying your fees a uni will almost certainly award you with a participation degree at the end, so this type of thinking runs right through education.


Got myself a 2:2 in history despite mostly working in a restaurant and playing in bands, can confirm.

(I think it was a 2:2, it might have actually been a third, but I don’t care and neither does anyone else so meh)

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I got a 2:1 but I reckon it was by the skin of my teeth. My dissertation, which I was dashing off on a malfunctioning printer on deadline day, got a 40 lol.

I remember getting an email from some professor saying he read it and encouraged me to get a postdoc which is even more lol in retrospect

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I only actually did half my dissertation, and I didn’t do the presentation part either. Terrible at uni, just terrible at it.

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I do want to stress it is a winter thing. It’s good for keeping warm and snug. Would never in summer.

I also want to stress that they ARE very comfy, so neh.

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Your class is still baffled as to why all the drawing pins on your seat in winter time never get noticed.

Another argument in the “pro jeans under woork trousers” column.

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At the end of the second year of my BEng Civ Eng I failed a couple of subjects. Got a chance to retake 'em. Did. And failed both again. Got another chance to retake 'em. Did. Passed one. Failed another°. They let me do my final year and get the degree°°. But without the “(Hons)” bit (aka an ‘Ordinary degree’). Which meant there was no grading, just got given a pass or a fail. Result at the end of our all: Pass.

°If you add up the scores I got across the three exams taken in that module, it was still less than 40%. In total. In the final attempt, because in order to be allowed to stay on the course I needed to pass one of the two exams as a minimum, I massively concentrated all efforts on passing one, at the expense of the other, I was at the point where I barely understood the question, so bailed out if my the exam at the earliest opportunity - like, after half an hour, I think. And the invigilator, after scoping my pisspoor attempt, chased after me along the corridor, asking if I my early departure was me taking the piss and ‘trying to make a statement’. I was not. It just wasn’t happening for me. Genuinely tried at the first attempt, but after the second failure, it was clear that it must wasn’t happening. Some things just do not click, y’know?

°°Can’t remember the exact timeline, but I think the two extra bites of the cherry thing was possible cos I did a year in industry, which bought a bit of time.

(The epilogue to this is that the company I did my industrial placement year weren’t fussed - I went back to work for 'em on their graduate programme. Then left after a year, because [bleak career treadmill]. Went back to uni and do the BA in Design I always wanted to do. Got a 2:1. Then ended up in a career where the unimpressive ‘Ordinary’ BEng pass was the entry requirement, and the BA 2:1 was basically an irrelevance.)

tl;dr - STEM skills shortage = desperation. Commercialisation of bigger education = desperation. Ground out an engineering degree, get paid.

(Just noticed the thread we’re in and wondering how the fuck we got onto this. :grinning:)

Manchester University in my day (puts onion on belt) had that you could retake at the end of the summer just before the new year started if you had failed overall (i.e. aggregate less than 40%). If you failed that then you would lose ‘Hons’ and had to come back the following summer to retake but you weren’t allowed to go into the next year until you passed so you’d effectively be a year behind. I am not sure if you were allowed to retake that second retake but quite possibly you were since University is, after all, about learning rather than testing. Maybe particularly true in Physics where often the people who weren’t great at the exams were very good at the experimental/lab side.

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Yeah, this would’ve been it. Retook at end of summer. Then retook again at the end of the following summer (i.e. end of industrial placement year, so didn’t fall back a year in the sequence of academic years).

Comical/disconcerting that the modules causing issues were two of the three real core components of what the degree was based on (structures, which I comprehensively failed, and geotechnics, which I finally scraped through, the other one being hydraulics, which I did ok in, thanks to a notably high quality lecturer).

Managed to cobble together enough marks elsewhere in non-core things like ‘management’, and ‘computer programming’ to seal the deal overall. Probably not hugely surprising, considering that I scraped an acceptance onto the course thanks to a C grade in general studies in the first place. :grinning:

Education and careers are weird.

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“Reserve bank”