Terrible pretentious food horrors

Food foraging could be a good way to equitablise food but this is not it


Absolutely love it when people get all het up about what ingredients go into what type of meal.

Listen pal, if I want to put balsamic vinegar into my bolognaise or serve some kind of paella-like dish with chorizo on it, who cares so long as its tasty?

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actually crying with laughter about this now

next year’s cucumbers :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Me: And for dessert I’ll have All the berries of the forest with kernel cream
Server: I’m afraid we’re sold out of that
Me: But I’m only the second person in here
Server: Quite


enjoy your milk curds and dessicated spruce at reading


I will!

Shots fired at the prof


“potatoes of the night”

  1. Take this year’s cucumbers
  2. Scoop out seeds and serve (drizzled with tears of a newborn child or something?)

I forgot all about this :slight_smile:

I’m not anti-foraging but it’s a really inefficient way to stock a restaurant so I’m not surprised it costs a fortune. Like with a farmed cabbage you aren’t paying for the cabbage seed, you’re mainly paying for the person to go and pick it, and that person can do hundreds an hour because they’re all lined up in in a field and they don’t have to go beachcombing for them. Not endorsing current intensive agricultural practices but there is a reason humans invented farms!


I’ll have the artichoke course, and the squash

and the bread

is the bark really bark?

too many questions about this, tbh

similar annoyance levels to Where The Light Gets In

(I did read about nixtomalisation the other day when reading up on Mexican food, tho)

Yeah, I was going to mention WTLGI but I already had a dig at them last week on here about ripping people off during lockdown.

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You pay for the staff’s wages, and the rent, and the business rates, and the fancy plates, and the flower arrangements, and …

This reviewer

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I remembered that when I was writing my post! ^

I’m glad they’re dicks, it makes it easier to criticise their ridiculous food

Yeah, I already said that in the next post down :slight_smile: I totally support paying for all that, I’ve worked in hospitality for most of my life and understand what I’m paying for…I just being glib, but I don’t support foraging being made into something for the elite.


“First Apple Of The Season”
Massive expectation that this season’s apple will be better than last, then it arrives and is a huge letdown.

:wave: !