Terrible pretentious food horrors

really want this now


yeah man sign me up.

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FYI everyone the new first course in their current sample menu is

A warm tea of bio-dynamic Turnips

so enjoy that :smiley:


I mean, I’d love to eat there, I’ve always loved the food in these sort of fancy places like Atrio. But nothing ever sounds as appealing as it does on a non wanky menu, even if it tastes better when it arrives. And going back to the foods that have made you want to cry thread, it’s never been anything from one of these types of places.

But yeah, I’m in if you’re paying. Cheers.

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(I do find pretentious food fascinating when considered apart from capitalism & etc)


Here’s what I had at where the light gets in when I went a couple of weeks ago


and they have to take the butter to the theatre


DiS Secret Santa suddenly upping the stakes


‘Fried Reindeer Moss’

freshly scraped from the underside of a reindeer this morning


I had this drink when I went to fancy Soho bar a few years ago. Really did taste like rooting around the forest floor. Didn’t exactly enjoy it but I do like telling people about it


could you maybe write a course-by-course description?

I don’t eat meat or fish, but I’m still fascinated as to what these things actually taste like (/are)

this sort of stuff, as well as the absolute awkwardness of someone actually ‘waiting’ on you, is why restaurants will never be as good as a packet of crisps between two slices of bread

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Sounds boss.

Going to vice or virtue in Leeds in january. Mostly looks good but dessert is a mushroom tiramisu. Big doubts


Heritage russets mandolined and fried in Helianthus oil, arranged betwixt two slabs of Chorleywood yeasted flour growth


that cafe gratitude place that comes up loads on off menu sounds like my worst nightmare. have to tell the waiter three things you’re grateful for before they serve you, good lord no

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tbh I can barely remember there were that many little courses :sweat_smile: they did adapt the menu for my veggie partner though, so there were a few that either swapped out a little bit of the course… or if it was the duck or something… a completely different dish.

the broth was maybe 2 mouthfuls of soupiness, made using some offcuts and ‘leftovers’ of other things on the menu. hearty, warming, full of flavour.

next was… like a big piss of crispy seaweed, with light fluffy fish pieces on it (they swapped this for some sort of miso powder on the veggie version)

Lions mane is a type of mushrrom, cooked in a way so it resembling a meaty texture, with a spicy bean sauce

fresh oyster, served in the shell (cant remember the veggie alternative here)

bread and pate

this was one of my favourites, a pot, with crab at the bottom, then sort of a leek and potato soup on top

this was obviously fish but with some thing that were like little raddish

cheese and mushroom… porridge…? yeah, sounds weird but it worked

the ‘main’ meat course of a piece of duck with a rich sauce, and a swirl of squash etc, classic masterchef stuff

this was ace. a classic small kebab basically. about 10cm long, 5cm diameter, so not massive

this was the amuse bouche, of tasty fruit ice.

apple tartin, with ice cream. weirdly the bread pieces worked, both taste and texture wise.

then to finish a bite sized filled donut.


They’re not promoting the kebab very well


or the ice cream tbh

bet someones nonna is rolling in their grave at that :laughing: