Terrible pudding options in nice restaurants

It’s a bit irritating isn’t it? Why is the most important course so often overlooked?

Last night’s issue wasn’t the classic where you come to pick puddings and it’s basically a selection of slightly upmarket ice creams and a sticky toffee pudding, no these guys actively TROLLED the pudding course.

Cheese - not a pudding
Fig, yoghurt, honey and almond - not a pudding unless you’re hippie parents who are lying to your kids
Prune and Armagnac ice cream - this is like the edge-lord flavour your crazy dad who you can’t find presents for chooses at the ice cream parlour. But just as the only option?!
Rum baba to share - I mean this would almost seem like a pudding but in fact it was so alcoholic I may as well have ordered a shot of (not Kraken & therefore not the best) rum with some cream and cake mixed in.

Anyway, in the end I had a really tasty dessert wine so I guess it was fine :slight_smile:


  • cheese (not a pudding)
  • fig yoghurt honey almond
  • prune armagnac ice cream
  • rum baba to share
  • dessert wine

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Because only babies have puddings in restaurants.

Trolled the pudding course!!!

Seems fine to me!

Are you one of those people who want chocolate to appear on every pudding menu?

I’m with you on this one, it’s a terrible pudding menu. But I get the feeling everything else about this place would probably have been wanky too, so what were you doing there?


It’s because most people ask for cocaine instead




I am happy for those to be on there as more esoteric choices.

I would just like something sweet and a bit standard. Chocolate is good, cheesecake/pastry options are good. A selection of ice creams, maybe even some that are a bit interesting like salted caramel, that sort of thing.

Just a proper pudding we can get behind.

Honestly mate, in with those choices a Kinder Egg would actually count as a proper pudding.

Well it was pretty hip. It was Western Laundry (or something like that). The main plates are all sharing plates and the veggie options were excellent, as was the wine, beer and bread we had.

It’s not a kinder egg Theo

You’re implying I’m pompous for using pudding and yet that only leaves you with ‘the sweet’ or ‘the dessert’.

Alright captain Downton Abbey…


I assumed this is what you were implying. It looks like the sort of toy you get out of a Kinder egg.

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You sound an awful lot like this guy right here -


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Restaurant sounds a bit poncey to me. Try a Harvester, Theo


I’d go for rum baba, though I’m not sure exactly what it is.

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You don’t call it ‘afters’ in a restaurant, though.