Terrible rental opportunities (rolling)

My sister lived in Abingdon for a while, it was pretty decent actually (and I’d be the first person to slag Abingdon off having grown up there)

No, studios/bedsits should be abolished imo

A couple will not be living in that ‘happily’ jfc :woman_facepalming:t2:

I’m definitely going to have a nightmare about being back in the bedsit tonight now, damn it.

I reported that one with the 2hr eviction notice and spare room replied to say they were investigating :relaxed:


Sir, may I interest you in an exposed brick Victorian death dungeon loft space cupboard for £800 per calendar month?


Just to clarify, when I say studio I’m not envisioning anything remotely like a bedsit!


Might try and report it tbh, no way that’s habitable. Not sure which organisation deals with that.

This looks incredibly similar to a flat I rented out in Barton next to McDonalds/ring road, except my (single) bed was in the hallway. That was £650 pcm, about 10 years ago.

guessing they got into a fight with ex-housemates about having the heating on all day when only one person was in there or something



Estimated current rent: £850 pcm


Agreed to rent a place this morning, and that I’d pay the deposit today and the rest before I move in once I’d signed the paperwork. Got a text at 10am implying that I’d need to pay both up front. Why do they expect you to hand over £900 before you’ve signed a contract, or had anything in the way of paperwork? The lettings agency seems legit (well, as legit as you can be as a lettings agency) but still, nah. She hasn’t replied to my text since so no idea if I’m moving, and I only have 48 hours before I pay my rent and everything gets pushed back another week as I need to give 2 weeks notice on this place.

This isn’t relevant to this thread I just wanted a moan

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I looked at a place very similar to that recently, for the same money. Instant ‘no’!

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Every time I look at these type of ads it says DSS not accepted. I thought it was illegal to specify that now

I think even someone on DSS would look at that place and be like “nah, you’re alright thanks”.


It was a bad year.

What. The. Fuck.

We have a winner. Love the cooker hood over nothing.

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