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When you’re on a site, and a huge popup obscures your view, asking you to sign up to their newsletter. It’s infuriating when the “no” option is passive aggressive:

“No thanks, I don’t want expert insights”
“No thanks, I’m not interested in making money”
“No thanks, I don’t want my business to grow”

Utter piffle.




Twee infantilised compound swearing


I sort of want to like this but the way the guy who owns it laid into the Trump twats made me reevaluate slightly.


One of the worst websites I saw was the pain series I think it was called? On encyclopedia dramatica or soemthing. Just w collection of hideously gory photos, looked at it for like one second and shut it down :dizzy_face: :sob:


The horrible horrible addiction, for me.

Just can’t stop. Fuck.


Oh shit, well yeah you’re going into Ogrish territory here (I hope that isn’t up any more). :frowning:



…any more?


any website pops up with some annoying bullshit on the first page you should close it. some web dickhead will be analysing the bounce rate and eventually they’ll twig they are being annoying. my old work was terrible for this asking people to complete a survey and one person just wrote ‘fuck off silicon valley dickheads’ :smiley:


I checked the Google search listings I think it is :sob:


Fucknugget etc etc

Load of old shite




Unfortunately, I fear that most web dickheads wouldn’t treat that as a sign to stop using popups. They must work on some people, or they’d have disappeared years ago.


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The Cycling Thread obvs


I often have breaks from Facebook (because frankly life is better without it, but sometimes you need it for events and shit). It makes you give a reason for deactivating your account, so I always leave “None of your business” as my reason.

I’m sure no-one sees it, but it makes me feel better, and it is absolutely outrageous that they ask that from you. Definitely my choice if I leave.

(If you select ‘I’m leaving temporarily, I’ll be back’ as an option, it makes you pick a return date, and automatically reinstates you. Horrendous.)


I hate when you sign up for a trial for some app or something and within 1 day of signing up you have an email ‘from their CEO’ giving you useful tips on how to use it, then there is a live chat thing on the website which keeps popping up, to the point where actually you don’t want to use it any more.

I signed up for a 14-day trial of a project management thing yesterday, and within 12 hours I had 4 emails, 2 livechats and then they PHONED ME UP to ‘see how I was getting on’.



yeah at facebook it’s unlikely, but with smaller operations it’s worthwhile. at afore-mentioned job they used to send around the best ones at the end of the month, mostly people calling us cunts


I guess it’s a bit shit if you have to give a reason and there isn’t just a radio button that lets you through, but they obviously would like to know what about their service is making you want to quit it since they might be able to look at improving that.