Terrible things people post on social media

Not restricting this to facebook for obvious reasons.

  1. Puppy filter on snapchat.
  2. ‘Tasty’ videos on facebook. The recipes always look like vomit with cheese on top.
  3. I have one ‘friend’ on facebook who posts stuff like this constantly: BrightSide — Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder.
  4. Twitter people who try too hard to be funny. Twitter is over now isn’t it?
  5. Grown ups who insist on using snapchat instead of instagram stories. You’re like 32, stop it.

Please make fun of your facebook friends/people you follow in this thread.


Inspirational quotes by nobody with blurry pixellated minions


hangover twitter

Especially with basic spelling nistakes. Nnngh.

plugs for the company they work for

Tag a mate who ________

Thought this nonsense fucked off with MySpace.


Yesterday somebody reposted a picture of a bacon sandwich, with a caption something along the lines of “I posted this picture and it was flagged, repost this if you stand for freedom of speech.”

Brexiteer, naturally.


people talking about their hangovers

On facebook?

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People still saying “Keep calm and …”

Fuck off. It was never ever clever or witty.


Yeah it’s funny when people post a screenshot of a tweet to facebook and it goes viral or whatever. Just get twitter you idiots.

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Daily mash articles

#tbt to stuff that happened about a month ago and wasnt notable in the slightest


I’ve got one guy from uni who’s now an emergency dispatcher or something (whatever you call the person who picks up the phone when you call 999 and sends a much more useful person along to help) and now all he posts is FINGS ONLY DISPATCHERS WIL GET “humour” and the standard “me n mah banbeano havin a luvely night out luv u so much babes xoxox”. No idea why I haven’t muted him, come to think on it.

Anyway, I can’t think of a broad category for that other than “people who can only post shit about their boring jobs and also maybe their equally boring partners” but I wanted to get it off my chest. Thank you for your kind attention.

People who use facebook as some kind of weird business selling juice plus/weight loss shite or constantly making statuses trying to get people to ‘pm me for discount hun bbz’ about getting a teeth whitening session or something.