Terrible things people post on social media


I knew Billy Corgan and The Weezers were pure of heart!


not that terrible, but I woke up this morning to about six people having shared the Lion King trailer



People sharing things they’re excited about shocker



Can’t tell if this is a parody account; excellent work if so


My sister’s annual habit of festive worthy Facebook posts has started.


Deck the halls whoever writes this stuff

POTW Nominations 23/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

DiS is a massive corporation with record collections


“send peace”?


Just make sure you do it before December 20th, the last posting date.


She means peas. Who doesn’t like receiving peas?


This Christmas, give peas a chance


thanks for sorting that out on our behalf again lads, really appreciate it



I didn’t think I’d be spending my Friday night off telling Swiss Tony that treating hospitality staff like they’re humans is a good and positive thing, but hey.


same goes for this seth character, excellent work here^


hmm i’m not sure i habitually say please when ordering, come to think of it, but then i do tend to say thank you in about 4 different ways in quick succession at the end.

i know saying please is good though and probably wouldn’t tweet in disbelief about it being expected. though neither can i imagine myself pulling a customer up on not saying it if they were otherwise pleasant.


Yeah, it’s more the weird digging in when politely told that he might be better just saying please in future (because it’s a nice thing to do) that’s of note here. As my pal said in the replies, The Right To Not Say Please is a really odd hill to die on.

I’d also say that having worked in Camden in a bar for a few years, it’s pretty likely he’d been much ruder than he realised/is letting on. If that bartender had to pull someone up every time they didn’t say please (as opposed to being outright rude), it would be a hell of a long night for them.


I might post that on my FB. It’ll be fun to see the saracastic comments underneath from my friends who know me well enough.


Has anything by a DiS social media account ended up on here before? This is truly awful, lads.


Hitler, Napoleon, Henry VIII and Idi Amin chilling