Terrible things people post on social media

I recently ‘friended’ someone from school. Kind of knew her, but not massively. She’s posted standard VagueBook nonsense like ‘You don’t know the stories behind my smile’ in the past. Last night she actually posted a picture of her washing machine with ‘just put a load on - good to get it out of the way’.

I now can’t tell if she’s being serious, or it’s all a post-modern art experiment commenting on the shallowness of social media.



“sick of things gettin blocked up an never coming out in the open wish i could just fix everything, end the cycle n start all ova again”

“u ok hun pm me xx”

“ye im gd thx u no hotpoint customer service number?”


This is my favourite kind of person on Facebook


Always irks me seeing people posting pictures of the Krays and lamenting that this is what gangsters used to be like, as if organised crime and murdering people was once really noble and good.


For the FAO of @bikewankers:


A hallmark of the mix of racism and misplaced nostalgia that’s got us into this mess, innit

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I’m a member of a local group on Facebook (mainly people asking for local recommendations and stuff), but we also live in a Mini-Holland borough, and so you get lots of people getting very angry that they can’t always drive where and when they want.

That image has been posted at least three times…

Why is the bus going to Twat?


Because it’s not going to Speke?

Someone’s drawn that and taken the time to colour it in. BLESS! :smiley:

crying at this

I’ve only just got this after reading it about five times. This thread is absolute gold.

I love it, it’s almost my club colours.

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Anybody else seeing this B&W animation doing the rounds. Featuring a little kid and overly long.

‘Makes u think’


My first temptation was to post ‘ah, someone should buy him a phone’

Seriously can’t tell if serious or not, but JFC

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Here it is. Appears to be oldish.

My post should say ‘etc’ in the list. But yeah, people were loving it.

Hard pressed to beat this one


Well it looks, like they’ve failed to toast the bread or smothered it in sauce…

I wish I’d never found out about this guy

Makes Katie Hopkins look like Noam Chomsky