Terrible things people post on social media


think my favourite thing about this is that none of the bands listed are indie



Who’s the bloke in the middle?


Who are all three of them?


was this meant to be that “this will make you feel old” post?


OH MY GOD, are Blue reforming?!


Sting, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart




Sorry, wrong link, will post the right one pronto





Fucking hell.


(I have no idea who they are, either, but now I’m wondering if the other two non-Sting dudes are actually called Bryan and Rod or sutin.)


i think the public’s obsession with chrissy tiegen and john legend is the final stage of everything just being completely dumbed down. 200k+ likes on this completely inane shit.


Are they a couple? If so, they should probably exchange phone numbers.


Agree. It’s BS and it’s not even funny.
It’s supposed to put across a whole THEY’RE JUST LIKE US but really if your mate did that on twitter or facebook, you’d be cringing your tits off.



What the fuck does this mean


Also, where the fuck does John Legend go to work? The office of wildly inaccurate surnames?


I have no idea who she is either. Though I hadn’t even noticed her name until today on here. I guess that there are probably a number of acts in the charts of whom I am totally unaware too. I am happy with that.


Could be great things too - ultimate parody account wind-up merchant.

There seem to be hundreds of KSI banter teenagers on Twitter RPGing as gammony far-right football hooligans, i.e. Daz “Smasher” Smith, 45, luv Carling West Ham don’t like my wife, forruners or Enter Shikari law. It’s bizarre, it’s really bizarre.