Terrible things people post on social media


Often think this is also a parody account…


The gift that keeps on giving :rofl:


Sigh. That’s enough Internet for today.


Stop hanging out in fucking awful corners of the internet.


Sean needs the traffic


Yeah this has gone a bit simpsons thread of late hasn’t it.


“And you call this scaremongering despite the fact that it’s a very sound and informed forecast on the implications of Brexit”

“It’s a regional dialect”

“What region?”




Yeah, fair enough. I’m laughing at them, but need to be careful I don’t end up laughing with them through Stockholm Syndrome.



Me: I’ll come but only for one drink, I’ve got to be up early tomorrow

Me 3 hours later: I’m feeling quite drunk and slurring my words a little bit. Means I’m going to be tired tomorrow. Crap. I regret it slightly, but at least I’m having a nice time.
I’ll head off after this one and get water and some food on the way home. That should help a bit.


Some guy on my Facebook posted some video of some professor arguing that white privilege is a Marxist lie. Couldn’t be bothered to watch the video but obviously this is mental bollocks. Ended up giving a cursory read here and there of a few articles arguing a similar point - one made the case that because white males aged 18-whatever are the largest group when it comes to suicide then white privilege doesn’t exist. How can you argue with people that are that thick?


Seems to some dude called Jordan Peterson, he’s posted a few videos and articles about the guy.


Oh he’s a total cunt, fucking hell - https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/science/2018/feb/07/how-dangerous-is-jordan-b-peterson-the-rightwing-professor-who-hit-a-hornets-nest


OOOHFT FUCK :laughing:


And of course, he’s responded today. Don’t bother looking, it’s truly banal but already got thousands of likes. One reply actually says “I cant wait for Chrissy’s response!”.

We deserve the nuclear destruction of our species.


My wife’s aunt just shared this:

From this amazing page:





Properly laughed at this one so think it’s in the wrong thread,


Shitting fuck.