Terrible things people post on social media


What is the deal with these FaceBook stories? One of my friends keeps posting them. Basically him blinking at the camera on a train with a caption ‘train’ or ‘so tired’ or him sat next to his little girl just staring at the camera. There are loads of them. He is pretty fucking dull, but I am not sure if I am missing something else. Is there a point to them?


read something once that said ‘bernie bros’ originated from the clinton campaign, something she tried before with ‘obama boys’, not that that necessarily negates it, clinton may have identified something but it could also be just have been a campaign strategy so I am always skeptical of treating it as being an authentic thing


It’s just ripping off Instagram stories which themselves were just ripping off Snapchat.

I really like Instagram cos it feels like it has some substance to it, but the stories are generally the worst kind of “TOP BRUNCH GAME :ok_hand:” throwaway trash


I think they show the user who has watched their stories, so imagine they provide a bit of positive feedback when the hit of a few likes has started to diminish


So me clicking on it a couple of times and muttering ‘what the FUCK is this boring shit for?’ is actually encouraging him?

I’ve done myself there haven’t I.


He will think you enjoy his content


Yeah he’ll be linking you to his Patreon next


with the instagram ones they get autoplayed on my feed so does that mean i count as watching it


I’ll pay him to stop.


Might apply for funding for a start up called Patreoff that does just this



:smiley: what do people actually see in him?!


I mean, aside from the Catholicism, he’s pretty much the walking embodiment of the past these people idolise.

Found this quite interesting


My new football chant for Mogg: “You’re just a shit Robert Wadlow.”


he came across quite well on Ali G. don’t know anything else about him other than he was against gay marriage so is obv a bigot


what year is this?


back when it was still funny/nobody knew who Cohen was


ah, my patter has been sandbagged, probably for the best :wink:


Know those two, do you? :wink:


Can you get rid of it please? :slight_smile: