Terrible things people post on social media


JRM is younger than Kylie Minogue, Will Smith and Thom Yorke and five years the junior of Neneh Cherry.

Jesus Christ in the name of all that does not suck…


True and funny imo


is it?!




I’m not sure there’s any greater indication of the mess the Conservatives were in 1997 than them running JRM in a Fife constituency.


not terrible per se but how is that ‘absolute unit’ meme not a bit problematic


I just had to look it up and was weirded out by how the meme definition thingy said “absolute” was a British slang term


Now there’s a hot take.


Angela Nagle is really bad. I still don’t know why she, and Kill All Normies, seems to be taken seriously by some on the left.


Burn this country to the ground.


Mum = Not on Facebook



That ‘to’ at the end makes it all sound far worse


Fucking hell… I didn’t know this! I would’ve loved to see what the residents of Methil and Leven made of him.

To be fair to the Tories, that constituency is where they traditionally send waste of space candidates and weirdos. They literally had a schoolboy standing in one of the equivalent Scottish Parliament constituencies a few years back.


the woman who shared this is a goldmine for this sort of hysterical nonsense:


The drawn out ellipses is such a cast iron sign of a numbskull.


“I am older than 65…”

Yeah, we figured that one out ourselves.


‘Don’t believe what the mainstream media tells me’ = the BBC lie to me, not like the Daily Mail.


you know i actively don’t use social media because i hate the shit people spout on there.

but then i read this thread anyway , which compiles the very worst of the shite

which make me a masochist “WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?” :open_mouth:


“I post stuff like this on social media, which obviously makes me an absolute belm”


love social media. love to read the feeds of users.