Terrible things people post on social media


Wow. That is the product of a sick and twisted mind.


Found this, and stuff of its ilk, pretty bleurgh

Great Things Posted on Social Media

so grim. why do people think this is ok?


Oh no, i haven’t read it yet but I can see it being like that guy who spent a day lying about amusing children and then insisted it was satire


Oh ok I’m partway through and this is much worse


Genuinely ruined my day how awful this is


FFS this is awful.


This place is so fucking cynical sometimes. This is a beautiful love story told in a modern form. Let people express themselves ffs!


If anything this should go in the great things posted on social media thread.


I might get a Twitter account transparently for trying to cynically go viral whenever I’m on a plane


Going viral on a plane you say?


Someone in the comments reckons it was set up by T-Mobile


I just don’t get it.

She wasn’t live tweeting, she uploaded the thread afterwards, right? So she spent the flight taking photos of herself and two strangers in the hope they got together and she could get numbers on Twitter?

What if nothing happened? She’d just have a bunch of photos of these guys. Either it’s a stunt or she’s fucking weird and creepy.


Could be both


It was live wasn’t it? She said she had to pay for the plane wifi to continue posting.


Ahaha! You read the thread!


Only so I could fully agree with everyone how shit it was.


I’m not reading that shitfest again, but she’s like - “I present this thread” and then I think all the posts where minutes apart.

Even if it was live, it’s still fucking weird and creepy.


A twitter thread of images of text?


Pray for us, ghost of Walter Gropius.


Fucking hell that plane thing goes on foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever. Lost the will to live after thirty seconds or so of scrolling