Terrible things people post on social media


I’m just gonna come out and say it:

I liked the plane love story thing.


I disliked it on paper. And it was shit


I don’t agree with taking pictures of someone on public transport though.

But come on, even if its fake. It’s a nice story.
Why so cynical?!


I read 3 of the tweets then realised

It wasn’t funny
That twitter thread writing style annoys me
I don’t care about any of these people
Not even on twitter

And stopped


it’s kind of terrifying though, imagine if loads of weird internet people found your name and address after this and sent you hate mail.

Think everyone should have a fundamental right to anonymity in these situations but I guess it’s just not the world we live in.

Makes me a bit scared to ever go to a city again.


One tweet about how the nice thing happened = nice

Long thread of live updates and endless pictures of how close their elbows are = really very weird and creepy


Not sure where to put this or it’s been posted somewhere already, but


Bloody hell, there’s a lot going on in that tweet smickers.




want to post an annie wilkes/misery gif in response to the plane love story but aware this is highly problematic probably


All of this except I stuck through to the bitter end and got the post-credits sequence that is T-Mobile conspiracy man blowing the roof off this goddamn mystery


The effect is vaguely akin to Joni Mitchell performing freestyle rap at Davos

No chance this is real

  1. It wasn’t meant to be funny. It’s meant to be nice
    2, 3 and 4. Ok.


“Songversations”, “philosophical rap sessions”, “ukulele-strumming songstress”, “Heartist”.

Why do the words “Stealth” and “Bomber” also spring to mind?


Right let’s break this down.









The people that moan about this being weird and unfunny and not nice are defo the kind that would chuckle at a pic of someone doing something embarrassing.




accurate content