Terrible things people post on social media




Not only this but I’m so sick of posts starting this kind of way with ‘when’.

‘When your tv buys you flowers cos you’re feeling like shit’. That kinda thing. Bit old men yells at cloud this innit?


“when ur in the club and ur jam comes on” Gif of pug standing up and barking.

I really fucking hate the Internet.


Yes Steved! We can yell at clouds together!


I hate the “when” thing more than anything else on the internet.

I was even going to make this reply into one…but couldn’t bring myself to do it


There used to be a similar one of these in Leeds where someone had written “Free William Posters!!” underneath.


When you want to make your reply into this tired shit meme but can’t bring yourself to do it.


I feel so dirty now.


TFW you read a post and agree with it. :slight_smile:


So, I’m fully on board with the last few posts.

(I hate the thing of, usually spoken, sentences unnecessarily starting with ‘So’.)


My face when I agree with yr post

picture of a baby making some stupid face or something i dunno


Don’t think I mind it spoken but it’s also annoying on twitter. Usually comes at the start of some tedious thread.


This post is literally everything. Can you make it public so that I can share it please?


haha fucked it




I :clap: just :clap: can’t :clap: even


Me: I hate shit memes

Also me: …


I believe the posts are from Instagram or something - they’re all pictures of her using the ‘Your Story’ thing or else something very similar (maybe it’s that snapchat the kids go on about) and then she decided to get proper numbers by uploading it all to Twitter. I didn’t look at the timestamps though, I am just assuming it started on the one social media platform and then she started keeping both going.


Be a bit less incredulous, m8. I’m always accidentally leaving my phone on the floor unlocked with the camera left on.


We’re all going to explode.