Terrible things people post on social media


because it’s potassi-yummy


That’s not the unbelievable part though…


Awww. I like the dihydrogen monoxide thing.


not happy about this

EDIT : Yes it IS national bikini day everyone.


If they’re gonna indulge in the nonsense that bikini derives from bi-kini, then that surely makes those quinkinis or pentakinis?


oooh look at me i know where the word bikini comes from


Fucking angry you posted this even within the containment thread.


National bi-kini day!? When’s National mankini day, or at least National blimmin’ lgbtqikini day!!?!?!one11!?


can’t call them anyfing these days, sj dubs up in arms if you do


yeah they are called bikinis because you have two boobs. bi means two kini means nothing really but boobs in this case.


bulging folder


why is she so anti-independence her own reasons have never rung quite true


This is a new one on me:



just posted this on my twitter cos it’s the first gif i ever made but it’s probably terrible tho i think it’s funny


None of our business, leave it to the Uzbeks


Love in the late '10s
Is paranoid
On whiny beaches
Take your chances…


Rlly want to form a lo-fi surf rock / no wave band called Whiny Beaches


Lead vocalist: Wendy Ball


Gotta watch the match at work on Saturday, I do hope none of the Toryball bores are in.