Terrible things people post on social media


They’ve clearly not been watching the England rugby union team recently.



oh. my. god.


if we win this is gonna get sung by a crowd of LADS somewhere tomorrow


this is under the vid on youtube. I am done :laughing:


nice reference to that staple of british democracy, the fifth amendment in there


god damn it i knew i picked the wrong thread to post it in


Haha oh shit sorry.


probably better placed in here!


Really we need a new thread altogether for it. Its probably the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever seen at all, on social media or in real life.


workmate showed it to me and i didn’t even get any joy out of how awful it is. it just made me want to die



a grown man, yesterday:


Fucking hell.


Particularly like the moon/star in the top right :confused:





what a lying dickhead






Free Tommy Robinson
2. (v.) The process of a human male walking around the house naked on a hot day to ease sweating, hence freeing his “Tommy Robinson” aka penis from the clutches of tight underwear and letting it swing free, as nature intended

  1. "Christ, it’s 32°C today. Think I’ll shut the curtains, have a nice discreet naked Sunday and free Tommy Robinson