Terrible things people post on social media


Just realised this is yer man from planegate


Cw: allusion to an eruption of applause typical of this kind of BLATANT FUCKING LIE


Ew that plane weirdo


They both come across as the worst kind of Twitter users, don’t they


A 30-second scroll through that helmet’s timeline was enough.


The state of this


state of it eh


Looks like a poster for a horror film where an old creepy dude kidnaps a bunch of improbably attractive twentysomethings


They couldn’t actually find a photo of normal young people interacting or attending a ukip event could they?

So it looks like theyve used paint to put some stock models In - with a token “acceptable” looking ethnic i.e. western features/not too dark - to show it’s not about race.


Here we are!


Looks like a raucous family comedy in which Gerard Batten is tasked with looking after his four inexplicably adult-faced infant nieces and nephews


“Back in the cellar my pretties”


y’know those people who can’t post a single tweet without also attaching a gif? just some standard stock gif from the ‘add a gif’ button that’s barely relevant to their tweet, and you see an exchange between them and someone else where they’ve done it on every single tweet.

“hey! how are you?”
gif of baby looking inquisitive

“yeah i’m good too, just back from the gym!”
gif of dog wearing a tracksuit

dreadful stuff.


omg i hate this! giphy-2






Truly awful people.


That… means… they likely did a Google search with roughly those words. Pfffffffffffffffff


Group of mixed race people looking at the camera outdoors in the city in the aeroplane, over the sea


Gifs are the finest creation of the last 20 years though so …