Terrible things people post on social media


haha jesus christ


A precision gif, sparingly used, can be a wonderful thing. Twitter levels of gifing are out of control





Terrible things, World Cup England supporting Catholic boys edition:




Ah, where I said “England supporting Catholic boys” it’s a literal description of the specific person who posted it (went to Catholic school with me, so no judgment intended other than the terribleness of the post itself).


No, I was meaning what kind of catholic would include those final lines?! That’s the Protestant version! #disgrace


Oh I see…I’m so lapsed I didn’t spot that.

(Enjoying this unexpected theological diversion, was not expecting it :slight_smile: )


Considering that Pride now is all about corporatism and allowing anti trans nut jobs to take over the march… Fucking bunch of shit heads.



we’ve discussed previously in this thread that this is possibly the worst form of shit #content so i’m not adding anything new but for some reason this one just really shocked me with exactly how shit it is


sorry to return to them again but having only just seen this one, ugh.


Holy shit, first reply is someone happily cyberstalking that poor woman


It’s like none of you ever go in the heavy handed satire thread ffs



Yep everyone remembers the shorthand we use to remember when we beat Cameroon in the 1990 quarter final.



Fucking hell.


I Googled her as I don’t know who Merrick is off hand. Google’s summary of her Indie profile on the results page is just perfect as a roundup I guess

Jane Merrick Emmanuel Macron is the centrist that Europe deserves and needs … Jane Merrick Corbyn is cynically cherry-picking information in the Skripal case.



There’s another post where she describes it as journalism


Why is it always shit radio stations that post this crap? Remember when Virgin Radio Lebanon were all over facebook with this type of crap?