Terrible things people post on social media


Totes, right?


what does it mean?


So casual.

By ‘permish’ she means the person’s consent to have their private life and clues to her identity revealed to the world


I guess she thinks if she infantilises it, the whole thing seems a bit less creepy? Either that or she’s just thick.


They both seem like characters in what would be a really heavy-handed work of satirical fiction


i think the people who reply asking WHAT DID YOU TYPE TO FIND THIS GIF are maybe worse





You can’t steal a gif, you thick cunt.



Snobby cunts! Tyskie’s there ffs.


I’d be happy with most of them, Charlton boyo.




nothing clearly is an option


Cold can of stripe is better on a hot day than anything they brew, guaranteed


Tyskie used to be absolutely great but it changed somehow and is now just pretty great.


Kronenbourg. Next question?


Chorlton Bathetic


chorlton brewco have a bit of a rep for being dickheads tbf, even for a craft beer brewery


There’s Red Stripe and Corona’s alright. I don’t buy this UV light bullshit at all.


Corona is a superb ‘ice cold beer on a hot day’ choice