Terrible things people post on social media


uv light bullshit?


They go on about it in the comments there. Apparently any beer in clear or green glass gets spoiled by the sun and tastes like skunk.


The fuck is this shit


Oh right yeah. Bullshit innit, grolsch tastes like skunk anyway


the longer i look at this the stranger it gets


Looks pretty flat tho’ tbh. 1-0 us, ya marble-twiddling globey wankers.


JEFFY: Where should we hold the next Flat Earth meet up?


PETUNIOR: Hmm indeed


JEFFY: Quelftopher! An idea you have?

QUELFTOPHER: There’s this place up on eighth, I’ve heard’s good.

PETUNIOR: Good is a positive adjective! That’s great

JEFFY: So it’s settled then! This good restaurant Quelftopher recommends! All agreed?

ALL: Yes

TOMPMAS: I’m glad All agrees, he’s notoriously difficult to please. Anyhoo, I’m excited

QUELFTOPHER: Yeah you should be, my friend says they do really great global cuisine

A silence descends over the meeting

JEFFY: Get the FUCK out


Even JK Rowling must be sick of this by now


Willing to bet this isn’t from a flat earthers meeting.


I might get a Twitter and respond to random tweets with “that is so hagrid” and wait for the follows to roll on in before pivoting to spamming improv drone tapes


Cn: transphobia

Yep looks like it was a lgbtq meetup photo that was picked up by 4chan and now circulated amongst reddit bros because lol transpeople, apparently.



Which DiS meetup was this photo stolen from?




DENNIS THE RACONTEUR: Ah you’re back, mum. Could you change the channel to ITV please?

MOTHER OF DENNIS: I thought you’d be more welcoming seeing as I’ve been on holiday for sixteen years

DENNIS THE RACONTEUR: Oh right yeah, welcome back mum. Also you might want to put Ricicles on the shopping list

MOTHER OF DENNIS changes the channel to ITV, on which is the news

MOTHER OF DENNIS: Did you want to watch the news, Dennis? That isn’t like you

DENNIS THE RACONTEUR: Nah I wanted to see if Gareth Gates was going to win Pop Idol. Edge of your seat shite is that

MOTHER OF DENNIS: Hang on, that was sixteen years ago. Are you seriously telling me you’ve been waiting for me to come back home from the sixteen year holiday I booked in Skegness because you couldn’t be bothered to get up yourself to change the channel sixteen years ago?

DENNIS THE RACONTEUR sucks nutrients from his armpit

DENNIS THE RACONTEUR: I’ve adapted to my surroundings like one of them fat bastard turtles Charles Darwin was always banging on about

MOTHER OF DENNIS: Oh Dennis! What an irredeemable waste man!

DENNIS THE RACONTEUR: Excuse me, I got a degree in Eng Lit twenty-odd years ago, did I not

MOTHER OF DENNIS: You got me there, carry on pal. Btw Will Young won

DENNIS THE RACONTEUR: I guess the world wasnt ready for Gareth


Rick’s tweet is so shit that I’ve been gritting my teeth for minutes.


Someone aint been fed…


woah I was actually right about something :frowning:


Please don’t be scared to go to cities, they’re full of good and interesting things.

And psychopaths.

But yes, the original story for this was always weird. Now they’re just shamelessly trying to get a career off the back of it. Twats.


Physically made a pained sound reading that. Thanks