Terrible things people post on social media


I’ll be the one in the waistcoat.


I nearly made that joke but then I realised it would have been a shit joke.


Luckily, I have no such restraint.


Make it stop


Plane BAE systems


Is she actually ending that with “I’ll write your side of the story if you want”? Because I was with her until then.


I have no idea what this plane shit is about but I’m sick and tired of it anyway


Your one stop shop for premium quality gammon: the RTs of Nick Pope’s uncle’s Twitter


:thinking: Is this guy for real? I wouldn’t have a problem if he just saw himself as some kind of modernist reformist for the Muslim faith, but reading his timeline it’s like he’s a paid agent by the right-wing press.




Big fan of him including Corbyn’s actual 1996 quote which completely contradicts the assertion :joy:



“oh great, it’s that cunt.”


If you can’t handle me at my networking event, you don’t deserve me at my Jeff Beez…Be…Steve Jobs (Oscar Wilde, 2008)


When did “LOL” stop being enough?

First we had “ROFL” and “LMAO”.

Now people are SCREAMING and SHAKING and CAN’T EVEN.

What’s up with that?

Way back when, in secondary school, we tried to popularise “TQA”, meaning “that’s quite amusing”. Because nobody who ever typed “LOL” ever really lolled.

It didn’t catch on. I hate the hyperbole you see these days. It literally makes me want to die.

Thank you. Thank you.


Had to check the date on this post, thought it was from 2001


I can’t even with your post. You’re cancelled.


this post is sending me, epic win sir


I’m shook. You win the internet.


I think about this comment every day.

My name is sadpunk and this is my Ted talk