Terrible things people post on social media


This was shared by separately by two of my former colleagues:

What makes it worse are the 2.3k comments agreeing with the post (I scrolled through several pages worth, couldn’t find any that disagreed)


To be fair, when I was a kid no one did anything to stop the school bully. He pushed everyone around.

But then he pushed me off my bike and I figured it’d gone far enough and I punched him in the face. He went down. Ok, he got up again and hit me back.

But since then, as it was witnessed by a bunch of other kids, his bullying decreased because he was scared that he was less likely to get away with it.

No one did anything. A taste of his own medicine was the only thing that worked.


hahaha that means you’re one of them


The photo was one of the Frieze Sculptures in Regent’s Park :man_shrugging:


with a very GENTLEMANLY caption, good sir


think you’re giving Rowling too much credit, she regularly encourages this shit.


Such a Prof. Trelawney


wait a minute i thought they were ok with it?


@ghosthalo ever mind. jesus fucking christ https://twitter.com/yasmin86/status/1016714680323203072




(I dunno what I’m talking about)


i think i find this kind of take as frightening as the harassers and doxxers. i’ve seen it absolutely everywhere:

weirdly dismissive of the woman’s pain and fear while pushing some saccharine touchy-feely bullshit. “if we need to destroy someone’s life so i can feel better about the world for five minutes then it’s fine”.


mehh, not sure reddit is any more or less toxic a platform than twitter or facebook tbh. tbh reddit has an advantage over facebook in that at least you won’t see yer nan describing in detail how she’d like to castrate a pedo btl of a local news item about a kids’ football team doing well or something.


I think it’s important that you and @SenorDingDong don’t mistake, erm, open mindedness (it’s not the right term but my brain is fried) for weakness/gullibility though.

It’s fair to have this worry but I feel like part of the right’s ‘thing’ is couch everything like it could just be a huge joke, which is very (in my mind) public school and kind of ‘banter’. That’s their out for anything terrible they say, that someone’s being oversensitive and part of that is a culture of “oh shit, you fell for my bullshit”.

I mean I’ve done a complete 180 on this. It seems to have come down really hard on the woman and if it turns out I was completely ‘played’ then okay, I’ll own that. I’d rather be taken in by people taking the piss than live my life as a cynical git because the latter is what allows you (at the extreme point) to end up brushing off the suffering of kids in cages as ‘fake news’.


Yeah I’m with @DirtyPJ here. This does actually tend to work with bullies in school (at least before secondary school) but this is worded so weirdly that it’s hard to fully get behind. Teaching this stuff to kids is always a bit problematic anyway because they’re basically pretty bad at empathy until they’re older.

I mean I think back sometimes to a lot of the kids who made my life at school a misery and realise now how grim and awful their home lives generally were. I had a mum who was very supportive and loved me. Dunno, it’s a tough fucking world, innit :frowning:


Yeah I didn’t know about this.

I think it was the guy who said it was all cool, etc?


Except doesn’t Reddit essentially provide a platform where awful people organise to doxx and/or harrass others? Or is that just 4Chan? FB tends to be people spouting their toxicity to those who subscribe.


oh sure, i don’t think this is a joke or long-con PR stunt at all, i think what we’re saying is more a criticism of the forces you mentioned. like, we’re so conditioned now to accept several layers of unreality to every news story and cultural moment, you always have the nagging sense at the back of your mind, is this real? even when it’s clear it is.

i’m sure someone will have written something great about this feeling. i’m not sure there’s a proper term for it yet. it’s a kind of dreamlike suspicion that nothing is quite real, that there’s something else going on. not conspiracy, exactly. something…else.


wait someone already has articulated it:


it definitely seems to be unwilling/incapable of policing the far-right elements on there. but there are some really interesting subs like TIL, chapo, etc. reddit is a hellsite cesspit tho, no doubt.