Terrible things people post on social media


This was shared by separately by two of my former colleagues:

What makes it worse are the 2.3k comments agreeing with the post (I scrolled through several pages worth, couldn’t find any that disagreed)


To be fair, when I was a kid no one did anything to stop the school bully. He pushed everyone around.

But then he pushed me off my bike and I figured it’d gone far enough and I punched him in the face. He went down. Ok, he got up again and hit me back.

But since then, as it was witnessed by a bunch of other kids, his bullying decreased because he was scared that he was less likely to get away with it.

No one did anything. A taste of his own medicine was the only thing that worked.


hahaha that means you’re one of them


The photo was one of the Frieze Sculptures in Regent’s Park :man_shrugging:


with a very GENTLEMANLY caption, good sir


think you’re giving Rowling too much credit, she regularly encourages this shit.


Such a Prof. Trelawney


wait a minute i thought they were ok with it?


@ghosthalo ever mind. jesus fucking christ https://twitter.com/yasmin86/status/1016714680323203072




(I dunno what I’m talking about)


i think i find this kind of take as frightening as the harassers and doxxers. i’ve seen it absolutely everywhere:

weirdly dismissive of the woman’s pain and fear while pushing some saccharine touchy-feely bullshit. “if we need to destroy someone’s life so i can feel better about the world for five minutes then it’s fine”.