Terrible things people post on social media


He’s now speaking up for the feminists


the woman respecter has logged on!


Thanks. I’ll probably post it to them.

It was the same person who shared “It’s funny how our flag offends you but our benefits don’t”, I’ve known one or two people I didn’t mind before on Facebook sharing one quasi-racist meme then getting hooked on “Piss off, we’re full” posts like Class As.


Preferred his earlier stuff


Thought #FBPE stood for “Fuck Brexit, people’s electorate” and I’m a bit disappointed it’s the more tepid “Follow back, pro EU.” Is it a centrist dad thing?


He sounds a bit male gazey :-/


It couldn’t be more centrist dad if it was Eddie marsans solar plexus






Not sure if terrible, great, or just downright bizarre


P glad to have just used my phone to google what ab/dl was while hooked up to the work wifi


Well…this is a world I know nothing about and have been quick to judge in the past. Credit to Big Nev for giving someone prominent in the community a chance to discuss it with a wider platform.



The weirdest timeline



His grades half managed to spell his name.


wish i had photoshop at work to just change the last sentence on each of those to “and i’m a total cunt”


tempted to recreate this on our neighbourhood watch facebook page for a laugh



Have a great weekend,.


i wonder/worry about the same but for when being a cool guy becomes mainstream