Terrible things people post on social media


oh come on, they both had to sit up and everything

if the photographer was a perfectionist they might have a momentary ache in the temporomandibular joints


Sacking has been done. In the words of a friend tonight, “I had an uncle who’s now an auntie and I don’t want to listen to transphobic bullshit”


“Hello, is that the Travelodge? Can I book a room for a promotional photo shoot next Tuesday please, to mark our spontaneous decision to become engaged?”



Idk why, maybe it’s the infantile language, but seeing this in my fb feed has made me so unbelievably cross.

Edit: I’ve just realised it’s because I think twee bullshit like this related to mental health does more harm than good. I’m all in favour of raising awareness and reducing stigma around these issues, but shit like this just trivialises it and undermines those whos illness is more than just “I have a sad”.


You’re not alone there, I’m furious at that


Yeah, that’s awful. :rage:


I really hate the one that says you can cure a sad person by rolling them in a blanket like sushi


Are they ghosts? Ghosts are great, I’ll give them that.


Yeah it’s horrendously patronising. “When I feel sad I just put on my cape and go on adventures until I feel better!” is such a horrible belittling thing to tell someone.


It reads like some grotesque not-deliberately-a-parody of those kinds of things in which the culpability of late capitalism on the mental health of the population at large is totally disavowed or something

It’s weirding me out old school



Ergh ergh ergh


What even is this?


Roscoe and Marlon post in pictoral form.




Not that there’s any reason to defend this nonsense, but I don’t think it automatically reads as someone’s take on depression. Obviously it would be grotesque if it was, but perhaps “I have a sad” just means “I’m upset”, and we’re reading too much into it.


yeah, i can see that. the context though was that it was posted on fb by someone who posts about mh a lot, i guess that’s why i took it that way.


Fair enough it that was the context, it’s probably not worth the benefit of the doubt.