Terrible things people post on social media


is this real?

“cop the full wrath of by the law” is a weird phrase to come from the government.



yeah thought it sounded a bit ridiculous.


[edited as requested]


I mean, yeah it’s a bit of a weird nerdy reaction but it’s been retweeted once and she’s got like 40 followers so idk man, seems a bit mean to share it here?


Was there more there that’s been deleted? It seems like she’s responding to someone at some point?


Dennis Reynolds?


Just seems like someone excited about a comic, is there something I’m missing?


it’s terrible things posted on social media. but if you’re not feeling it fair enough. @moderators can you delete that or sumthin plz?


idk what riri is, it was the selfie of tears at the development i thought was funny. i don’t want to punch down tho, didn’t realize it was only a small account so yeah, my bad.


I mean, it’s a bit OTT sure, but it’s sweet to be so exited. Riri is one of Marvel’s more recent characters, a black, female successor to Iron Man, like Miles Morales and Amadeus Cho, PoC in a traditionally very white, masculine world.


oh yeah it’s deffo odd behaviour, but like you say, small account so best to leave her be

wasn’t meaning to accuse you of being malicious or anything, I know you’re not x


i know, i’m sorry. i misjudged this completely. i snap c+p’d, didn’t check to see if this was a big account, didn’t realise she was a really happy-go-lucky kind of user, certainly didn’t realise she was a cat fan like myself too. my bad guys.


Happy to edit it if required


if you could yeah, i know none of us would start a pile-on but you never know who might be lurking. cheers.


This reminds me of why my DiS themed comedy sketch show was a bad idea, especially “ethical grid girls” who wear foot-length polka dot dresses, and hand the race winners pastel coloured tea sets while deducting points from Hamilton as less than 50% of his DVDs pass the Bechdel Test




I keep noticing loads of theology students and young priests being really into sarcasm and memes and coming across as reddit incels/MRAs. But they’re priests. Really weird.


Anyone else noticed this phenomenon?