Terrible things people post on social media


Not got a huge number of theology students and young priests in my online network, tbh.


Would be very interested to see some of this content. The only theology student / trainee vicar I know is super lefty and feminist and just posts a lot of stuff about how disappointed she is in various church things which are not progressive and feminist.


I’ve got a friend whos quite high up in the church who married a school friend, and she always posts the same type of stuff.

I always wonder why someone who believes in something would join an institution that is generally directly opposed to it. Seems really tiring.


Yeah, I always wonder this too, but don’t quite know her well enough to question her about it. Guess she just really loves Jesus.


this is just a DiS thread


Zing Me the Horizon and Kanye Breast did do me tbf


The episode where South Park jumped the shark


The first episode of the second season?


Season 20 (the big 2016 US election/Trolltrace one) was its imperial phase.

I’m aware this puts me in the minority.


Season 2-8. Season 1’s very limited and beyond that just seems to be them putting fish lips on people they don’t like.





Someone basic I’m friends with on Facebook posted a picture of her and her equally basic mates peering out from behind those things grinning, Brady Bunch style.

Also this:


the whole account is lame but it’s funny when the mask slips and whoever operates the account gets so mad they forget to make it funny. happens here right around “feminist slam poetry”.


Wings of Leon made me chuckle…I’m easily amused


This is a response to Lana del Ray isn’t it?


i think so, like i say tho with these parody accounts run by centrists or right wingers they just end up getting too angry and resentful to be very funny, they can’t help themselves.





Barely counts but it was posted on the Guardian’s Facebook and relates to social media

Alt headline: capitalism in brazen contempt for young people shocker