Terrible things people post on social media


Is the reference to “liberal arts courses” a particularly shit attempt at conservative satire?


Almost definitely, given I looked at his account and saw this loada shite retweeted


This thread + idly surfing on the toilet = bleakness city centre


just noticed the watermark on the left so not only is it absolute shit, it is absolute shit he’s stolen from someone else


Not sure if you’re making a funny here, but no, “liberal arts” is essentially the US version of “humanities”.


There’s a tendency within conservatism (especially yer online right-wingers) to denigrate humanities / arts education. Also displays that weird Internet phenomenon whereby it would seem a British person (hoaxing a UCAS letter) has gotten their opinions from the US (“liberal arts”).

Unless I’m massively overanalysing everything


One of the (many) things I find frustrating about the current crop of tech billionaires and their cultists is how that self-same contempt for the humanities has shaped them. They so obviously have no concept of morality, no apprehension of the wider moment they live in, no ability to apply cause and effect. They create wide-reaching, unholy tech ‘solutions’ that very clearly could be used to do bad things, and are then astonished when rich people buy them and then do exactly that. They are penoid nerds that probably watch or play What Hath Science Wrought stories at a rate of ten a year, and that essential message never gets past their most surface enjoyment of it.

The problem as always is that the benefits of studying humanities are abstract whilst those of the sciences are concrete, so there’s no arguing with the people that have bought into the idea that one is everything and the other is for doobieheads.


This is the worst thing I’ve ever read.




Fucking hell the shite Graham Linehan’s been posting lately? Something about young girls seeing extreme porn online and it making them convince themselves they are asexual or trans. Jesus this bloke


he’s gone fully off the deep end hasn’t he, what a piece of shit


It was some retweet where this lady said that horrible porn (which I agree kids have no business seeing) would make them think men want that in normal relationships so they convince themselves they are either men or asexual to avoid it.




He seems to be one of those people who is unable to accept that he is wrong about something, apologise, show that he understands and move on, due to some kind of ridiculous sense of pride or something.


People who bring up “children” seem to have no other argument.


Seems to fully believe he can dig his way out of this hole.


Saw something shitty and transphobic he posted a while ago (on that meme that was repurposing an old IWW poster about socialism), sad to see it confirmed by these other comments.


The weird thing about Linehan for me is how it seems people had seen his toxic shit on Twitter but not realised it was him?! e.g. this little thread

I mean unless they’re both just covering their backs…


I used to think he was OK, and he was a few years ago. But a very good friend of mine had a run in with him on Twitter and he was a right dickhead to her, he was petty and nasty, so I’ve been suspicious since.


I dunno if he was even a few years ago. As far as I recall he’s always shown a huge nasty side on Twitter. Much like Simon Pegg, he was terrible for dealing with any criticism online, although Pegg at least just handed his Twitter over to his PR to avoid getting himself into more hot water.


Yeah he’s been a bellend on twitter for ten years.