Terrible things people post on social media


I obviously didn’t pay a huge amount of attention then. It was really brought home to me by this interaction with my friend.


terrible social media thing:

in a many-personed twitter debate where one no-mark blocks the OP and then repeatedly thinks all the other tweets in the debate thereafter are directed at them

“why are you saying that to me, i agree with you!”

fucking hell. bomb the site to the ground.


re: Linehan, i felt a bit bad for him recently when he announced he’d just gotten the all clear after having cancer (i mean, good about the all clear thing, bad about the having cancer thing).

it’s mad that not that long ago he’d have gotten a big outpouring of goodwill but he’s undone his reputation so much on twitter no one really seemed bothered



he’s in the middle of chemo treatment at the moment. literally the day he went in for treatment he was still ranting about it. he’s got issues


the “directory of people who’ve owned me online” tactic is starting to take off outside of russiagate, it seems. absolute crybabies.

lol owen jones is on there for praising the kurds and criticising turkey


I think they’ve used “liberal arts” as part of the transparent attempt to Do A Viral, knowing that it will translate better to a US audience and, yes, the kind of people whose main lesson from watching too much rick & morty is that “Being a Rick” is a good thing





This’ll get you nice and irked I’m sure


Fucking hell, the headline isn’t even an exaggeration




lol fuck


think it’s actually even worse than someone shared their family member’s mental breakdown to the entire internet.


Has he been on the gear


I’ve read this multiple times and it still makes no sense to me in the context of any professors or gay people or universities I’ve ever met or been in.



Alan Brazil is going to straight up EXPLODE one day



Not terrible, per se, but this is currently deemed to be one of the top five ‘Moments’ in the vast expanse of Twitter:

Am I missing something?