Terrible things people post on social media




Just seems like people of the same heritage recognise it as a cliche that their own families fall into? Not terrible imo


He should definitely play Bill Dauterive in the KOTH live action movie


Having your bags packed a whole 4 and a half hours before your flight? Fucking hilarious, m180


Wow this is really unique and interesting.

Tbf I’m glad I’m not going out with this guy.


Totally fine with this tbh, I don’t plan like this myself (Mrs HYG often does), but if it maximises what you get to do and you both enjoy it, totally harmless.


agree with hyg, this is basically fine - half the plan seems to be ‘chill for a bit’ anyway?!

this reply is 100000x worse imo


maybe one for the heavy handed satire thread, but, shit me, imagine having the naked confidence to think this was a sufficiently original take to be worth documenting in cartoon form




nice one, dickhead


Had to listen to Jeremy Vine at work for a couple of weeks recently, given the level of batshit weirdo of the average caller I bet his audience lapped this shit up.


haven’t listened to this obviously but would quite enjoy watching him try and do that in glasgow, he’d get sparked within 5 minutes



if some has their head literally buried in their phone you should that megaphone to alert the emergency services YOU HEARTLESS FUCK



That is one of the worst things I have ever seen.


Shitting crikey, the comments.


you would think it’d be an immediate ratio but it’s holding surprisingly level


Kanye West?


Don’t want to think about the universe you’d have to live in for this not to be a colossal self-own.