Terrible things people post on social media


Enjoy pooing out boulders during 5 hours of bog reading


Why’s this a terrible thing? Not saying it’s good either but it’s a fairly normal sentiment


I kind of love unintentionally terrible food photography. So jarring against the normal standards of instagram style dinner shots. And probably more like what most people eat. This is a recent ‘first roast of the season’ picture from someone I know, made me want to throw up and laugh at the same time.


Sweetcorn. Jfc


What’s the gigantic white blob? Is it mayo?


Bread sauce or horrendous mash


some of the stuff posted here JFC


You’d think that with how common it is for people to instagram their dinner the standard of food photography on social media would have gone up, but no, some people are still incapable of looking at the photo they’ve just taken before posting it


Think I’m gonna vom



this is hilarious and also horrific


That can feck off from any Sunday roast of mine. I also love gravy as much as the next Northern cliche but don’t drown the bugger in it. The worst habit of British cooking. See also: fry-ups drowned in (often lukewarm) beans


Quick reminder that Telegraph cartoonist ‘Matt’ currently makes £600,000 a year to do this. Embarrassing.


That’s not one of his though?

(Not denying it’s bad, mind)


Matt gets paid 600k a year and he doesn’t even do all their cartoons?!


Corbyn looks like Captain Birdseye running an S&M dungeon


Ok, but what about in the cartoon?


i kinda like this but i do also think it is utterly terrible :man_shrugging:


Ha, was going to say this looks like it’s been plucked from the kissinginkansas photobucket archives