Terrible things people post on social media


I’m Lord of the Dance


Is this millennial humour?


A window into a sweet but very alien world.


Jesus Christ! Rename this thread “terrible things people do with sweetcorn paraphernalia” rofllolz


just reading the captions, how does Elon Musk have time run this instagram page as well as his companies?


Truly mankind’s greatest achievement.


mother of god


idk if it’s bad photography/bad taste in pizza but pizzas always look absolutely revolting when people post a screenshot of them.


Be Thou My Vision IS one of my favourite hymns and three of those things apply to me so I vote this to be ok.


my cousin, who is a grown up and should know better, posts this exact thing on his facebook att. making fun of the messy online drama set is not punching down. not everything is punching down. we can’t lose our heads here.

altho i’m curious why you believe it’s punching down. are we associating poor spelling and punctuation with a particular kind of person? is that not itself problematic?


Come on, I expect better of you than for you to use false equivalence

The issue isn’t focusing on any particular “group of people”, its focusing on poor spelling itself.


i think this is a deliberate text-spk thing rather than poor spelling because of education. can’t really know sometimes though


I have been shown The Cunt Song twice in real life today. :tired_face:


Yeah fine…it does strike a chord with me (see: that Britain Furst page on Facebook which insist on positing their mock-racist stuff full of errors…isn’t the fact that the content is stupid enough to be the joke?) but I’m pretty sure @ghosthalo wouldn’t have the same intention in mind.



The DAD turns to his SON

DAD: Need to work on your fucking metre, lad


No Papa


Telling lies?


“I’m ordering your birthday present, you ungrateful little shit”



what’s all this then?