Terrible things people post on social media


I don’t want to be the person who everyone remembers as posting The Cunt Song on the boards. I’m afraid you’ll have to find it!


Hmm I might give it a miss tbqh


This is phenomenal (/phenomenally terrible - hard to know which thread to use)


You… you know what happened at Thermopylae, right?




Brown Immigrant
Islamic baby


" Big on run-on sentences & typos flunked English but got an A in Witty 🤨"


This HAS to be a bot.



Why do I even own any devices that connect to the internet, it just seems clinically, meticulously designed to make me sad


this is surely trolling


For God’s sake Theresa :frowning: It’s tricky ground, and I’m not going to reel off a list of names right now, but I do believe the new “rainbow capitalism”/TERFs hijacking Pride is privileged people seizing and pretending to care about mental health causes to boost their celebrity, bank balance or power.




They kept fighting and then they all died.


Someone posted this yet? I find it hard to believe anyone could write this without knowing that people will think he’s a dick.


GORDO is on a date with HELENCE. They met via Tinder, when GORDO was struggling to download the app on his landline so called tech support and who should pick up but the radiant HELENCE. They hit it off and are now in a cafe

GORDO: you know what this place reminds me of?

HELENCE: kind of reminds me actually a bit of–

GORDO: yeah I know but speaking of which do you like your dad?

HELENCE: he’s a cage fighter

GORDO: cages can’t defend themselves. I think he’s a coward. I’m not a coward. If an unplanned pregnancy were to occur, I would stay by your side. I would spend an hour per day yelling phonics and entry level maths problems into your belly button. What are your views on children, incidentally?

HELENCE: they’re alright you know. More high pitched than most of my usual friends

GORDO: this play sucks and it kind of proves you can’t introduce those weird questions on a first date bc I’m struggling to raise them in a comically absurd context

HELENCE: I’d debate comically absurd

GORDO: why do you hate men so and what is your ability to domestic duties


That BB8 bib though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You don’t say


He gets absolutely rinsed in the comments, at least. Some funny ones there.