Terrible things people post on social media



An actual bio on twitter.com




Didn’t know you followed me


blurred as features a very rude word in fairly big font


He’s using that Charlie Brooker voice and he’s ruining it




Doesn’t everyone?


joke’s on my missues, i told her, i says, i drink pints of soy sauce for enjoyment you fool!


What is it with rubbish faux-i’m honest and I speak my edgy mind social media shit and that word?


I’ll spare the Christian lecture when you ‘continue reading’


Not me. I’m going to avoid wearing a blue or olive shirt.


Warning - really anti-Semitic, weird vision of the future


One of my favourite genres is white people imagining things happening to them that are basically already done to nonwhite people in their own country.


It’s missing the crying statue of liberty


Oh do be quiet, you vapid tossers.


They imagine not being allowed on Radio 2?



I’m strong coffee. Take me as I am. If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. I tell it like it is. End of. #justsaying


no ill will towards the poor guy with cancer, but the layers of irony at play here…



why has this irked me so much