Terrible things people post on social media


reply has irked me even more


Venn diagram of those who agree and those who want fewer taxes is no doubt:



It’s what Marx would have wanted.




Genius contraception tbf, anyone pulling those out will never get laid.


I really don’t believe that young UKIP members are having sex. Or at least I would prefer to believe they don’t.


Saw that as a teabag first, couldn’t process it as a condom. That’d be better branding anyway, and less vile


I’m not sure I believe there are young UKIP members.




Maybe by ‘young’, UKIP mean under the age of 50.


Strong emoji game here






where the hell are they getting the data from


Its on VICE.

Can’t link to it direct as it’s nsfw, one minute.


w w w . vice . com /en_uk/article/wd4kay/sex-and-politics-survey-georgia-rose-111


which party is for people who are too nervous to talk to people they fancy



“Children” wasnt an option but im fairly sure the tories would be way out in front there if it was MPs


They are not giving kinky leftwingers any credit there