Terrible things people post on social media


People who aren’t telling the truth.


Greens i think


Something about how kinkiness is still seen as a “naughty” expression of repressed desires (Tory) rather than a playful way to explore sexuality.



Those useless trees


Just use the Wi-Fi to buy oxygen from Amazon


This has done me to a pulp


It’s that time of year again


£315 is a wonderfully specific amount.


there’s an ace horror film to be made of this, only have a demonic entity ripping yer face instead of a £315 phone bill


talk about h-true-o!


Making up fictional relatives in the police is the last refuge of the yer da social media WUM



Looks like an impressionist painting or something


Looks like one of those health warnings about the effects of too much sun


Lib Dems being seen as into roleplay makes sense, of course they want to pretend to be someone else, no one wants to be a Lib Dem.


What is the purpose of the monkey nuts?


i think they used to be chips?


One of Five Guys’ “things” is that you can help yourself to nuts.


Someone’s reposted photos of their hen night with the hashtag #henniversary