Terrible things people post on social media


this is the terrible things thread, chum


Aright wee hen?


Glad you had a great time hun xoxo


how can you not like henniversary, what gives :frowning:


Bullshit photos of a bullshit event with a bullshit hashtag.

Might delete Facebook actually.




My brutally honest reply is that no matter how fucked US politics are, it’s completely normal to have wanted Clinton to win for a host reasons, including that every single fucking decision of the US state for the past 2 years would have been better in some way or another and that, despite all the bad shit Obama presided over, he still made a positive statement for PoC at some level which having a female president like Clinton would have done for women.


still a bit odd to knock one out over her memoir tho


I expected more from the memoir of Hilary “Rod 'Em” Clinton


Depends on who you are, though. I mean accept that Black Panther has meanings to PoC that it doesn’t to me (I loved it but I mean beyond that). I guess I could say, “It’s a bit odd that non white people got so emotional about that film,” if I was being deliberately obtuse in order to make some point about all superhero films being basically the same. Similarly I can understand how liberal US woman could be far more into this book than I could ever expect to be. (Whether Amber Tamblyn is a terrible person in other areas I have no idea, so if the point is that she’s generally awful then fair enough. :smiley: )


I dunno much about her. I can’t get behind masturbating over political memoirs for any reason, I’m sorry.


it’s just a really weird and unintentionally funny tweet, i think the memoir could be written by anyone tbh


Come off it mate we’ve all smashed one out over this one at some time or another.



That’s exactly what Major is doing below camera.


And all while in a full suit and tie and looking invitingly at the reader. A class act all round.


why does he look like thanos


It happens to all Tories sooner or later. It’s like their final form.


Live and let live, man.


What is IN that new final chapter?


preview of the animorphs reboot