Terrible things people post on social media


Let’s just say since leaving government ol’ Johnny boy has been getting ‘back to basics’ rather a lot, if you know what I mean :wink:

I don’t know what I mean


Amber Tamblyn’s uncle is an old friend of mine. I’ve not met her or her father though. What I do know, though, from what the uncle says is that they are all very anti-Trump.


i assume anger would cloud judgement sufficiently to bring a punching bag, gaviscon and a dildo to a reading session. hoping she uses them in the right order.


you’re right.

I wish the best to all people finding sexual gratification in the long winded chronicles of failed elections.


i believe she’s brought all that stuff with her because the book has the question and the answer on the cover, so there’s no need to read it


Alright Edwina Curry


it’s like one of these


She’s married to Tobias from Arrested Development


Oh right. I assumed she was the daughter of the guy who plays Dr Jacobi?


Having looked into this (I have never seen Twin Peaks), that is also true.


Post/User/Thread interface.


i’m really struggling to understand how massively you’re missing the point here theo


would’ve thought an account of how hilary failed would be maturbation fodder for a trump supporter more than a hrc fan


Bit weird how Theo bustled in with that spirited yet obtuse defence of masturbating to political autobiographies, wasn’t it.


“some people” are cunts



‘A lovely, gentle wank’ - AN Wilson


I love this

“Sorry Mr. Headmaster”
Hired a room full of kids to nod and then they cheer at the end.


Also I feel like the headmaster is a world famous actor who I can’t quite remember. Is he in men in Black?
Also this guy knows loads of people and the specific details of their lives.


Look we’ve all got our little things.

@ghosthalo is using the spirit of taking OTT comments about masturbating to plough his own familiar Bernie-based Clinton-bashing as shown here:

I simply responded to the subtext rather than the overt suggestion too.

(But honestly, I am fine with people displaying their love of something via the medium of jokes about vibrators.)


Is ‘closed her own door’ a euphemism?