Terrible things people post on social media


*Ian from Alvin and the Chipmunks


i think it’s fine to make fun of a silly tweet by a wealthy white person


Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that or you TBH, I just wanted to make the point that I don’t actually think there’s a big issue with people having a wide-on for HRC particularly.


I think it’s fine to make fun of a silly tweet no matter who’s making it.


this is why i do three drafts of each tweet, to eradicate silliness


Panic! At the Aristo



NGL, into this sort of content



haha. as if middle class londoners wouldn’t go mad for a cool pie and mash store. Just take down your england flags m8


Hope somebody moves in, opens a pie & mash shop that also sells vegan pies, and makes a million pounds


Vegan brunch pies, with tofu jellied eel.


Right wing dude strikes again. My personal favourite is his skywriting idea… No one would care.


‘bah, this ice cream has gone stale!’


‘dear diary, today i didnt sexually assault anyone’


Not going to share it here, but people seem to be meme-ing the Kavanaugh trial. :confused:


What’s the relevance of the go kart here?


Can’t sexually assault someone if you were concentrating on those tricky turns at the track


A complex metaphor for fragile masculinity which is protected from the consequences of its crashes and wipeouts by a) the crash barriers and protective clothing (symbols of the systematic protection of the patriarchy) and b) the fact that the go-kart is not actually that powerful (symbolising the inherent fear of impotence which underlies fragile male egos).

Or someone just had a picture of a go kart and thought ‘that’ll do’.


The dude is interested in
A) triggering liberals
B) go karting

He’s a very strange figure