Terrible things people post on social media


Can’t quite cope with this

‘some words are created that should have been called something else’ - - - - what???


Having no interest in either of those things I don’t know if they are complimentary hobbies or not. They could be the craft beer and cycling of the single bed misogynist weirdo world for all we know.


“This post is open to interpretation”. Check out Luis fuckin Bunuel here


not really terrible tbh but a quite weird post from a “supernatural” page; weird to me as someone who has lived here for almost thirty years and never seen a werewolf


though, I will say, I enjoyed that there was a weird thing going about black-eyed ghosts in the area (it made one of the national shite tabloids iirc) and there was a bit of a thrill from the fact that I walked home through that area most nights from work. Made the approx. hour-long commute quite fun.

Bonus point regarding that was that one of the news stories had drone footage purporting to show a ghost, which any sane person would look at and say “that is drone footage showing a human person, most likely alive”


Maybe you are the werewolf?


Maybe Stan Collymore goes out in disguise these days.


I read about that when checking the areas Wiki page out. Didn’t realise I basically live in Twin Peaks



Everything this man posts is terrible.


Autochthonous Briton, liberal centrist, non-PC, anti-feminism, anti-Sharia, pro-Brexit, For Britain, Liverpool fan, ALA # ItsOkayToBeWhite Tommy Robinson

what a bio :smiley:


This guy is wrong about everything, it’s really quite something.


I’m ashamed I support the same footy team as him.


There’s always one dickhead in the public eye that happens to support your team, hate the fact Piers Morgan supports Arsenal



This is absolutely incredible, thank you for bringing it to my attention


If only they had, for example, a drone with a camera attached so they could get up close without personal risk…


fuck i think that’s pretty creepy tbh, i mean obviously its not a ghost but wtf is that person doing with that long black hair and weird hunch in the woods like that. creepy af.


Testing their new drone out probably


But Piers is worse.


nah m8, they clearly swish their hair back with their hands, they aren’t flying a drone. also seems to be wearing like a butcher’s apron or something? those old timey aprons? thinking maybe this is a woods person, you know the woods people, rural hicks, chainsaw maniac types?