Terrible things people post on social media


ah fuck what/who is this



it’s just a stupid person I wouldn’t worry about it


ay, really weird behaviour from people who should know better.


Probably just a long haired young woman looking for a quiet bit of the woods to have an emergency piss and then some twat with a drone comes along and freaks her out.




These things always fascinate me. Literally cannot fathom the brain behind it.


Nobody should be allowed to use bold italic Arial, except Massive Attack.


Alt-J are back! In featuring Delle Alli and the girl who joins every society but only commits to the Harry Potter one form.


Also the teeth ARE clearly different.


It’s what Rik Mayall would’ve wanted


And they’re not even sorry.

(also, the bully is probably going to spark your kid out)


“This is because your dickhead dad likes Rik Mayall” thump


Once a rather eccentric friend brainstormed business ideas in the pub and with a straight face, suggested employing schoolkids as vigilantes to beat up other kids who’d been bullying some other kids. Scenes when a much older friend, who is the spit of Moby both in appearance and manner, waved his hand away dismissively and sighed “That’s not a good idea”


Drink a shot every time it says kid!


Apart from the other sins here, this also has terrible use of tenses.

Surely the last line should read: “my kid will be told…”.

I did start to write out an analysis of the tenses but I couldn’t be bothered.


This has been posted before. My response was that not punching the other kid back ensured that the bully continued his appalling behaviour. Me punching him made him leave me alone. Not sorry. I did what I had to do. I was 32, I was.


Tbh I don’t really have an issue with teaching kids to stand up to bullies with force if necessary, it was the sheer incongruity of it being a popular post from a Rik Mayall fan club page that really overjoyed me.


Should be ‘my kid will pull out your kid’s nasal hair with pliers’


“My kid will smack your kid in the arse with a frying pan”


‘then take them bus surfing’