Terrible things people post on social media


We have a whole month of this.


I’ve noticed this shit - when did Hallowe’en become a month-long bullshit? Fuck off until the 31st.


Yeah I fucking hate this. Naff, hideously over-commercialised holiday colonising the whole month, as if Christmas wasn’t bad enough.


It’s even more irritating because I’m sure until very recently it was Not A Thing





Another local for sale group classic.





Pretty smart advertising imo


I don’t want to know what Freaky Trigger is but it’s probably not social media.


Lost it at “sexy professor”



Yeah it probably isn’t, strictly speaking. It’s a fantastic blog/online magazine, the centerpiece of which is undoubtedly Tom Ewing’s review of every UK number 1 single, Popular. The crass incongruity of that second comment just made me chuckle.


Woah Nelly


I’d rather have a bin bag full of those little tags you get on your suitcases when they go in the hold luggage, than furniture in my house!


I love Mean Girls, but it’s not necessary for every fucker on Facebook to point out that it’s October 3rs on a Wednesday. Taking up the entire feed you plums.


Holy shit

I can barely make sense of the article but it actually is worse than even the headline might suggest


Hi, Piers Morgan!

Quite funny he didn’t get the reaction he wanted.


Yeah, cause who wouldn’t take decision-making advice from a bitter psychopath who can’t even make the decision whether they want to use the word “decision” or the word “choice”?