Terrible things people post on social media


Number 3 has made me a bit sad :frowning_face:


that’s the main one that got me

the others are just cartoonishly dickheaded, but that one’s just bleak


guaranteed they own copies of god is not great and the fountainhead


5 doesn’t make me Feelgood


When people say “reminder that this site is free” when quoting something shit


Someone seems to have stumbled on a vein of pure paranoia when it comes to old people and their cars.


92.5% though!!!


Offical Msg From Police, things happening to your car, things that make you get out of your car, roving gangs of young hoodlums. Just a perfect cocktail to make every nerve in Concerned, Tunbridge Wells’ brain light up at once.


Idiots. Everyone knows the Official Msg From Police was the Msg In A Bottle


And that when it’s only a bit misty you don’t have to put on the fog light.


those fucking egg gangs are back eh?

Looks like it’s time i was out patrolling again.


daily decision choices.

daily decision choices.


You’d better run, egg!


Classic classic genre, this. The foundations that Snopes was built on. A nice link between old-school physical chainmail and modern Facebook detritus.


Had a few belters in this thread already:

Have a begrudging respect for whichever content gremlin saw the intersection between old paranoid weirdos and car ownership and realised there was gold in them hills.


We can do this the over-easy way or the hard-boiled way.


They’re brilliant, I especially love how casual the explosion one is, a bit like my grandma used to say “Put your coat on or you won’t feel t’benefit” rather than A WARNING OF AN ACTUAL EXPLOSION




I have no words for how much I hate this.