Terrible things people post on social media


mate, you put out an album about every other month and they’re all incredible. i don’t think anyone could accuse you of being lazy!


the concept of fault should be banished.

We should construct a word that succinctly means “the quickest and easiest route to enact positive change” instead. Where and with whom this ability lies should be the question of ethics


and the truth is probably that it’s forever changing and a process. “fault” is an ongoing process and can’t be ascribed as an innate feature of people or things


They hit a bit of a wall when it came to the graphic representation of ‘Fly By The Seat Of Their Pants’ eh?


this is a really weird vein of hatred i see more often these days on social media:

everyone is broken in their own way i suppose


There’s a bloke who works in my department. If there’s any excuse to mention that he spent years living in New York, the job he did there, the apartment that he owned, etc, etc, he will mention it. I think that is very different from a person who is in a mixed sex relationship referring to being bisexual, however.


I never thought I’d get bored of the using a name thing in tweets, but I’m over it now David ffs.


Wow. Could you exude any more anger?


Gonna head out later and lecture street homeless people.




Its funny when its an animal tweet, e.g. the dog says “way to go, Susan” but otherwise yeah its rubbish.


what annoys me about this kind of thing is that it’s kind of implying that people with certain names are inherently a certain way


It proper wigs me out when people go through my Instagram account and like things I posted ages ago.



Actually incredibly irksome because “pay-tent” isn’t even how we pronounce it, ffs.


why does this twitter account exist solely to post that


so many questions


captioned with ‘if banksy was italian’


emphatic appeal that you’ve posted this in the wrong thread


partly cause it reminded me of those Elon Musk parody accounts



I saw a band on Facebook with their gig poster being shredded within an hour seeing this Banksy stunt in the news.