Terrible things people post on social media


What’s your issue with his statement?


i hate it when comedians strike a pose as the lone voice of reason crying out in the wilderness. he is especially terrible for it, and this is more of the same cringe grandstanding.


like if you had to live in constant fear of the hatred people like tucker carlson stoke, in a country where racist attacks are 10 a penny, i could see why a) you would feel some measure of satisfaction at seeing the shoe on the other foot, if only for half a day, and, b) why you’d be annoyed at some white political comedian who has bad politics and isn’t funny telling you you’re a monstrous coward for feeling that satisfaction.

also there’s an undercurrent of white upper class solidarity at play here imo.


He’s only describing the attack itself as monstrously cowardly, not the taking pleasure in it.


and “monstrous” is ridiculously overblown and “cowardly” depends on how you look at it anyway


not posted on social media but the absolute state of almost every aspect of this advert is something to behold


new host of Who Wants To Be A Millionier?


Think they’ve got confused with that new reality tv show for aspiring hat makers.


We can all just appreciate how dumb these ppl are


Perhaps James Milner was in financial difficulties? (The secret to how he got out of it is that he’s a professional footballer.)




hot air vents…?


cancel the internet, nobody is topping this



well it seems i spoke to soon


(gain power)


Oh my god




Even if that’s a wind up it’s very funny