Terrible things people post on social media

How they will or how they won’t?

He may be did.

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How they VOTE obvs.

no you dont understand the subtle nuance of how hilarious it is

he says things that i broadly agree with probably in a loud way and then he occasionally remembers to say tim because the joke is the camera is on but it is meant to not be on

ahahaha it is funny because the recurring joke is really vague and is delivered poorly

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i touched it and nothing happened

Apparently no one got robbed until the foreigners came

It wouldn’t have happened in ASDA.

The post is actually titled: URGENT ASDA ALERT

A Code: UAA! This is not a drill.

I also realised it took her until the next day to figure out that she was going to get robbed… I imagine it happened a bit like this


… And unfriended for sharing

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Minor Twin Peaks spoilers. Please stop posting them, especially if you are otherwise very cool.


She did lick a doughnut and put it back on the shelf, which is weird and horrible, but now is probably not the time to focus on that stuff tbqhumble.

My friend sent me this from a Vegan facebook group posted this morning she follows. She told the lady to delete this so it’s no longer there BUT STILL.

Oh such bullshit. Almost enough to make me want to start eating animals again.


Isn’t it completely bonkers???

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time I’ve seen that argument deployed by militant vegans. Just glad it’s not Morrissey spouting it this time.

Was literally about to say “Didn’t know Morrissey posted on Facebook”.


Was going to write something about how unpalatable I find social media in the aftermath of events like last night with the streams of awful rhetoric / #prayforxxx posts, but couldn’t find the words that didn’t make me come across as an unfeeling, insensitive dick.

I guess ultimately it’s because I generally internalise things that I don’t feel almost duty bound to publicly display my horror, shock, anger and grief. I will occasionally produce a sentence or two in a safe space…

Anyway, sorry. Shit post.


Don’t agree it’s shit.

Totally agree with the other stuff - it’s probably due a bigger discussion of how people deal with trauma in the digital age but that’s stepping into post-graduate theisis territory.