Terrible things people post on social media


The fuck is this

I’m Neverland


Distinctly remember movie nights being a massive part of the Hogwarts oh God what’s the fucking point…


Glad to see Lenny Kravitz in narnia


Someone please do this for community.drownedinsound.com


dis: beeves, cutting pizza with scissors, [simpsons image], peanut butter and cheese on toast, bikes, nuts readers with record collections, beers (not brewdog tho)


hogwarts: coffee breath, bitten nails, toothpaste stain on shirt, no eye contact in the kitchen, first in the office, brings own lunch, clean desk, musty smell, chewed pens, two alternating shirts, technical jacket

narnia: half asleep, miscellaneous injuries, small fires, twitching eye, never laughs at jokes, ruffled hair, healed piercing holes on face, buttoned up shirt, looks disappointed, never seen eating, twitchy, middle distance stare

middle earth: sweaty, smells like old mushrooms, apple sticker on back of PC laptop, wore a bow-tie that one time, talks loads, drinks from “World’s Best Dad” mug, has no kids, occasional beatboxing, taps desk, giant headphones, “How’s the family?”, lucozade

neverland: ironed shirt, jumper in summer, cufflinks, fancy looking reusable bottle of water, business cards, haircut every four weeks, natural light lamp on desk, slightly too short trousers, plays golf, drives a big car, talks about wintersports, severed head of the postman in a jar, excited for Avatar II, formula one, football but only the major teams, Superdry jacket


check mr 3hr lunch-break over here


Christians who think they are persecuted are the absolute worst. When I go to London on the mega bus, it drives past a few Jewish community centres and synagogues and they all have to have security outside.


And they’re still far less likely to be attacked than certain other people in society.


This is ridiculous. Three out of four personality types can’t possibly all like stargazing or astronomy.


Assume we’re going for western Christians in which case completely agree, but there is of course some awful persecution of Christians (as is the case with every religious group, some of which on the whole have it worse) in parts of the world. An awful lot of Christians aren’t white or European/American (white Christian Europeans/Americans who wear persecution of Christians in other parts of the world as a badge whilst advocating persecution of other religious groups can absolutely fuck off though).

Edit: this wasn’t meant to sound like a lecture - I get what you were saying and agree


(blurred because swastika)

What the absolute fuck?


Breathing oxygen…A Nazi plan.


The European Union: it’s a Bing thing.



Nirvana: A Nazi plan.
The Pixies: A Nazi plan.
Oasis: A Nazi plan.
Radiohead: A Nazi plan.


This is an interesting read relevant to this

(Not just a view shared by shitty meme makers)


Harry Potter and the Movie Night With Dogs


I knew Billy Corgan and The Weezers were pure of heart!


not that terrible, but I woke up this morning to about six people having shared the Lion King trailer



People sharing things they’re excited about shocker