Terrible things people post on social media


Of course he’d love Trump, he shrunk Marx


not posting out of respect, but there’s a globetrotter on my insta who writes full on, purple prose essays for every photograph he uploads. his most recent one is ostensibly in memory of a young woman he knew in thailand who has died, but there’s a really sleazy undertone to it because he keeps referencing how many times they dated/kissed/“rolled around in the surf” (or some shit). just reread it and it’s really not on at all.


Only listening to Tories and people with racial slurs in their song titles? 'Kin ell Sean


Am I just a paranoid insomniac, or if you slowly move further away from this bit, do you see the face of Theresa May?



i see gordon brown :thinking:



“I don’t feel offended with the things I disagree with.”

You’ve literally posted a meme being offended at things you disagree with


Yeah, I see this random hypocrisy all over the place these days especially from the “it’s my opinion and I don’t care who I offend”.

Pissing all over any offence caused to anyone who isn’t a white heterosexual but God forbid you don’t salute the goshdarn bloody poppy for our brave British boys.


general trope now where being racist is considered just an opinion and people shouldn’t be so offended by it, but being called a racist is deeply hurtful and offensive and driving them to the far right.




I like that ironic typo


I’m going, yo! make you so proud.


I was told I was a bigot for hating Tories. I said I didn’t hate Tories for their beliefs but for what they do - austerity, cutting public services, homelessness, treating people like assets to be used by business or discarded, etc etc while helping the wealthy get richer. The idiot insisted that it was still bigotry. FFS.


Wonderfully hateful feed


Wish I was rich so my living room looked like the reception area of an office block


does not look like a comfortable place to lounge around in at all


To the tune of Scroobius Pip’s Thou shalt always kill…?


Even looking at it makes me feel like I’m wearing a cheap suit and new shoes and really hoping I got my interview prep down right. God forbid spilling anything in there


Ugh, on that note, I recently made the mistake of engaging with a friend who has turned into a “both sides” person. I gave a brief explanation of how it wasn’t both sides, how Republican policies are killing and financially crippling people, how the left’s platform helps people, etc. Fairly basic stuff.

He sent back my message, having replaced every “Republican” with “Jew” and “left” with “Aryan.”


And when I pointed out that a 2nd grader could rip apart that analogy, he responded, “it says it all that you identified it as an analogy.”

No more engaging with people.