Terrible things people post on social media


I mean your friend sounds like a straight-up Nazi who’s calling himself a “both sides” person.






His point was more that I’m the true Nazi for saying Republicans hurt society, but I can see how it reads that way too. Thankfully (?) he’s more profoundly dumb than evil. Either way, glad I moved very far away from everyone.


While trying to dig up a recipe for banana muffins using apple avoid too much sugar I stumbled upon this utter horror show


I actually didn’t realise until digging it up for you guys right now that it does have a proper recipe at the bottom, but scrolling through paragraph after paragraph of rambling crap about her ingredients on my phone was quite a hell last night.


Along those lines…


Holy shit it’s a thing!

I guess the answer is self-importance


It’s almost certainly some kind of SEO/traffic thing, on account of how everything shit about the internet is because of that. Well, that or Nazis but I don’t think this is a Nazi tactic.


Just had a friendly enough exchange with a neighbour on our group page on Facebook. Couldn’t think if I’d met him in real life so clicked on his profile and was greeted with this monstrosity


oh god :grimacing:

also this is neither here nor there but 18 tabs?? ffs scout, that will murder your battery


I knew someone would pick up on that :blush: I’ve closed a few down, it was 25 earlier.


You know there are adverts in pages that do crypto currency mining on your machine in open tabs for other people? :grimacing:


I don’t even know what any of that means.

I’ve just got it to 5 tabs. My laptop is a whole other story though.


Saw this on Spotify

Absolutely fuck off.

(Also am fairly sure they must have come up with the pun title and that’s why they made the concept.)


is it a pun tho? i mean if it’s a pun on block rocking beats and shagging then bed rocking beats is an obvious better one


Just put a shit load of Penderecki in there


Yeah I assumed block-rocking beats but who can really tell.


only 25? amateur hour!

i found out recently if you have 100 or more Chrome tabs open on your phone the number just changes from ‘99’ to ‘:D’


the classic:


On your side, @Scout.

Chill out, tab police.

No battery issues here. Advert crypto schmipto? As if the internet has adverts. Firefox mobile is boss.

(Shows an infinity symbol when you have more than a hundred, by the way. I fully admit that 85 tabs is poor browsing admin/time management habit stuff. I just keep opening things with the intention of going back and reading it. A quick scan through shows that fully half of them are either threads off here, Holyrood mag 2 para articles I could clear with half an hour of reading, or Guardian shite linked to here that barely deserves scan. Half a dozen wiki pages. Half a dozen product pages of things under consideration for purchasing. Half a dozen long reads that could be sent to Pocket. 20-odd pages of miscellany. :grinning: There’s probably a whole separate thread in this.)